ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) v3.63 Cracked APK is Here

Roehsoft Ram Expander Apk With Valid License

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ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) v3.63 Cracked APK is Here

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander [Ram expander Apk free download xda]

Not enough RAM is too small? Use your SD card as an extended arm of work! A store manager who will help you make life easier for you to imagine.

A great programmer said not enough RAM – RAM only – help. Convince yourself how easy this man stayed. ROEHSOFT RAM ExpanderLast but not least, more memory in one click! The memory of Android 1.6 with root and external SD card access to the top! More memory means that background tasks are never ended automatically, and many programs work in the first place! ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.

[Roehsoft ram expander apk cracked]

On many devices there are problems with the games require a lot of memory, this fixes the problems RAMEXPANDER. And they can play the latest games on devices that would otherwise not be able to launch these apps. No memory available! No more memory is available!

Functions [Roehsoft ram expander apk cracked]

  • SD memory card as a free RAM load (SWAP RAM / SWAP memory)
  • Expansion of the swap RAM up to 4.0 GB (limitation of the file system) fileNo limitation on the SWAP partition!
  • Extends the usual power drop occurs with a class 8 sd card widget for PNP swap (exchange / off-exchange)
  • Detailed information storage & analysis
  • AutorunSet of parameters for the swappiness kernel
  • Foolproof, user-friendly

What’s happening

  1. Swapfile priority will now be used.
  2. Profile of added Pokémon, Player of this game should use this profile because we have put here various large values in the kernel.
  3. Recognition of BUG Play store added to take you to the howto for your device.


ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) v3.63 Cracked APK is Here