Mirror Lab, distort effects PRO v1.1.1 Unlocked APK is Here !

Mirror Lab v1-1-1 Unlocked APK is Here !

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Mirror Lab, distortion effects PRO Full Cracked 2017

Mirror Lab needs to be a laugh, smooth-to-use and effective picture enhancing the application to beautify pictures, create reflected snapshots, kaleidoscope photograph and deform, faces and landscapes.

Mirror Lab, distort effects PRO v1.1.1 Unlocked APK is Here !

Effects Of Mirror Lab Pro v1-1-1 With Cracked APK

  • Classical symmetry: horizontal and vertical reflections
  • Waves, vortex, distortions
  • Kaleidoscope and effects of fractals
  • The effects of the tiny planet
  • Including the iterations
  • Glitch’s Friendly Art Filter like scratches and glass-cutting effect
  • Adjust the brightness of your image, contrast, saturation, vignetting, and so on.
  • Drag more than 20 predefined filters + to find the probability,
  • All filters have several parameters that allow a variety of different results.
    The effects can be easily pushed through the haptics and pull double traction in size.

Some of the most common settings are:

Intensity of the effect
Effective amortization (more than half the effect, lower intensity)
angle of rotation
Ratio l / h
Easy to handle
Choose filters for endless creative possibilities. The + button repeats some effects like stacked
The application has a powerful undo system, so you can always follow it.
Please note that the toolbars can scroll up and down. There are many effects on the right side of the bottom bar
Pro versionSince an in-app acquisition can be purchased, the

Since an in-app acquisition can be purchased, the Pro version has additional filters, additional settings, and resolutions to store a free, high-loss (PNG) file.

What’s happening

  • Arrange effects groups a bit.
  • New Splash Preset
  • Correct a bug when the Angle Selector switches disappear
  • Case of interruption of the dialog record (pro)
  • Troubleshooting with pan and zoom for the effects of circular scratches
  • Solve a problem, the rotation of the generator from the center

How do I install it?

  1. Download below
  2. Normal installation
  3. All right.