MacroDroid Device Automation Pro v3.16.11 Build 8012 Cracked APK is Here

MacroDroid Pro Device Automation v3.18 Build 8070 Cracked

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MacroDroid Pro V3.18.4 Build 8070 Apk Cracked Download 2017

MacroDroid ProMacroDroid Pro is a configuration application and automation of the powerful task which is dramatically focused on user-friendliness with a simple user interface and logic step by step process.

Some examples that MacroDroid can automate are:

  • Enable the Wi-Fi connection when launching an application
  • specific (and from the closure again).
  • Automatic reply a specific incoming SMS by sending your current position.
  • Turn off the power switch to tell you the time (without bag).

NFC tags allow you to configure the device (turn on Bluetooth, volume control, etc.). It’s easy to create a custom macro: Click Add the Macro.Select a trigger from the list – (eg, battery).

  • The specific settings of the trigger (i.e., <10% charge state)
  • Select an action from the list (for example, Configure Wifi)
  • Configure the setting for specific actions (e.g., turn off Wifi)
  • More broth as it requires(Optional)
  • Add dependencies (for example, the day of the week)
  • Configure restrictions on the need (for example, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Add additional restrictions as required
  • Select a category for the macro and name MacroDroid includes several built-in drafts of users, thus demonstrating the performance and flexibility of the application and the help you are getting.
  • These models can be used or easily adapted to your needs.

Pro version Of MacroDroid Pro Device Automation Cracked Apk

  • The free version of MacroDroid is limited to five macros and displays advertising.
  • You can upgrade to the
  • Application to make macros unlimited and remove all ads.
  • Additionally, users can share their macros.
  • With the community built with the model in the shop

What’s happening? MacroDroid Pro Patched Apk

  • More months from the restriction of the year.
  • Restriction of state additional power saving mode.
  • Clear notifications now include a “time” option so you can remove notifications that have exceeded a certain age.
  • Other minor corrections and user interface settings

How do I install it?

  1. Save the .apk to the SD card downloaded into your Android phone
  2. Run and install
  3. That’s all, have fun!


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