Lite Messenger for Facebook v4.5.3 Unlocked APK is Here !

Lite Messenger v10.0 Unlocked APK is Here !

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Lite Messenger  v10. for Facebook Cracked Apk Free Download 2017

Lite Messenger for Facebook v4.5.3 Unlocked APK is Here !

Lite Messenger for Facebook Alternative free and easy for Facebook and Facebook messenger that allows you to chat, make calls, video calls with your friends on Facebook, send emoticons, videos, photos, promotional gifts, RSS news, comments, etc and yours Privacy.

Store your battery and memory

Only 3 MB and 15 MB after installation compared to hundreds of MB through official Facebook and Messenger
The context of the connection to the Facebook server is optimized for battery performance.
Use no more than 20 MB of RAM to store the battery
Simplify Facebook layout to save battery life
Protect your privacy

Connect and Chat immediately with the Facebook account with the public profile (we do not need it, but it is standard Facebook)
Requires only a handful of permissions to send and receive Facebook photos
Please refer to our Privacy Policy at the end of this page for more information
Very clever and easy to use

Facebook and Messenger in a small application
Be sure to never miss a message of confidence again
Compatible with the old version of Android
Invite your Facebook friends to see or delete them to remove ads and use the upgrade features

What’s happening

  • After disconnecting the connection, you must close the application twice, no need to delete the data.
  • Sorry about that
  • For quick access to the old version + delete photo sharing ads
  • Cache configuration: Access keys now use caching “) Backup data over 30%
  • Old version
  • A video call for Android & gt; 5 (Fixed) is added
  • Automatic switch with 3 g / 4 g to save battery
  • Optimized Facebook connections in the background to save the battery
  • How do I install it?
  1. Save the downloaded SD card in your Android Phone
  2. Run and install
  3. That’s all, have fun!