Facebook v118. MOD (No separate messenger needed) APK Is Here !

Facebook APK v134.0 MOD Free Download Is Here!

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Facebook APK v134. Alpha MOD Full Version Download 2017

Facebook APK Alpha MOD juggling with friends is faster than ever. Juggling with friends is faster than ever before because Facebook is the largest social networking site that connects people with your friends, family members and other people who work, study, play and live around you. We would like to tell you that always try to download the machine from trustworthy sources as the unreliable source can damage your device and consequently you can face serious problems with your device.

Facebook APK MOD (No separate messenger needed) APK Is Here !

See what friends are on Facebook APK 

  • Updates, photos, and videos
  • Receive messages when friends love and love your messages
  • Text, discussions and discussion forums
  • Play games and use your favorite apps
  • Now you have quick access to the next version of Facebook for Android testers of the beta version.
  • Learn how
  • To register, return and exit the program in our Help Center: http://on.FB.me/133NwuP
  • Problems downloading or installing the application? See http://bit.ly/GPDownload1
  • Do you still need help? Please tell us more about this topic. Http://bit.ly/invalidpackage
  • Facebook is only for users at the age of 13 years or older.
  • Terms of use: http://m.Facebook.com/terms.php.

What’s happening

  1. Taste, news, photos, and pages offline
  2. Distance creates your tracks
  3. Delete markers that indicate that you’ve created from your friends
  4. Enable / disable notifications
  5. Improved speed and reliability

MOD Info

Facebook APK allows in the application. No need for the messenger application separately! The device is only compatible with the devices of the arms. You must uninstall all versions of Facebook before you install any of them. New features of Messengers missing from the patched Facebook app. These new properties are not added to the Facebook application itself. Unfortunately, if you want some of the new features, you need to use the messenger application.
How do I install it?

  1. Save the downloaded SD card in your Android Phone
  2. Run and install
  3. That’s all, have fun!