Emoji Keyboard -Prem,Emoticons Cracked APK is Here

Emoji Keyboard – Prem, Emoticons Pro 6.3

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Emoji Keyboard – Cute emoticons 6.3 Full DownloadEmoji Keyboard -Prem,Emoticons Cracked APK is Here

Emoticon Keyboard is a cute, free, smart and colorful smiley face for the free Android Phone Keyboard Keyboard. Emoticon Keyboard Premium helps you get quick access to 3000, stickers, icons, icons and a smiley face, emoticons and text with the keyboard in an ideal face, including all news, text, email, and chat with a social application.


  • Line of emoticons superior to the early entry on the main keyboard
  • Face of the text including (͡ ° ͡ ° ͜ʖ), (ʘ‿ʘ)
  • Emoticons art and collection
  • Smart Emoticon prediction for your words
  • Quick Emoticon input in text message, e-mail, notes and chat with applications for
    Various icons, icons, and emoticons

ACCOMMODATION VERY Customizable “Audio”

  • The size and keyboard to share as you like
  • Wallpaper, customizable font, and color on the keyboard
  • Use the photo as a background for the keyboard


  • In addition, there are more than 1000 keyboard beautiful themes
  • Furthermore increase


  • Main Keyboard Mainline Number Input
  • Proper and intelligent word Next car suggest
  • Act to Type with Dynamic Floating Preview
  • More than 30 dictionaries for different languages


  • The style of the Android UI
  • Always display uppercase letters
  • Copy, Cut, Paste and Arrow Key
  • Important arrow pointing down
  • Clipboard for multiple fast copying and dough
  • Kevin Bradley User comments
  • Beautiful impressive colorful Emoticon Keyboard will love this emoticon keyboard.
  • The best I’ve ever needed.
  • Many others are not as nice and easy to use as these, but keyboard emoticons try.
  • Therefore, this keyboard has so many emoticons in many other keyboard applications not available.
  • Good work for the developer

Warning of data collection

  • You will get a warning when you turn on the keyboard with the words
  • “This keyboard can record your personal data.”
  • We take your privacy seriously.
  • This keyboard does not collect personal data, including password or credit card information.
  • Warning When you turn on the keyboard, a standard message appears in Android applications from a third-party keyboard.

How do I Download Emoji Keyboard Cute emoticons?

  1. Save the downloaded SD card in your Android Phone
  2. Run and install
  3. That’s all, have fun!


Emoji Keyboard -Prem,Emoticons Cracked APK is Here