DU Battery Saver v4.6.1 APK Is Here

Du Battery Saver Pro v4.7.8 Apk Is Here!

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Du Battery Saver Pro v4.7.8 Apk cracked free download

DU Battery Saver, first worldwide power saving mode, and the doctor make Android & Manager is a free app that makes your battery saving the battery lasts longer! Get up to 50% more autonomy for Android phones or tablets! The management modes of the battery power saving mode smart battery present, one-button command and the characteristics of the fresh stage in good health to solve battery problems and extend the life of your battery.

DU Battery Saver v4.6.1 APK Is Here

DU Battery Saver Highlights (Doctor Android & Manager power)

  • DU Battery Saver: instantly find and solve the battery problems with the “Optimize” button.
  • Simple power saving mode: power management modes-smart battery preset to use, or create your own to get high performance and energy savings.
  • effective power saving mode: protect your healthy recharge battery to extend the life of your battery.
  • Commode Power-saving mode: “Optimize” using the Homescreen widget, you can stop power consumption background apps with a fingertip to increase the battery life.
  • Simple and powerful battery saver: extend your Android battery life up to 50% without recharging.
  • Global Battery Saver: Media Deutsch, English, French

Features and Benefits of the Battery of the Savior (Doctor Android & Manager)

  • A specific state: you will see exactly how much battery charge you have left, with a detailed analysis of your Android applications and hardware;
  •  SMART preset modes: Select or adjust a mode that corresponds to your energy;
  •  One-click optimization: instantly find and fix problems with battery consumption and do not unlock settings detailed Super-Air your energy savings;
  •  any optimization: managing background and applications hardware phone easily with the smart home screen widget.
  •  BEST BATTERY DETAILS: Charge status of your phone in the percentage or remaining time to see.
  • Healthy Load Manager: Follow and healthy practical load in various steps, to implement your battery work at its best.


How do I install it?

Download a copy of this app …Uninstall the previous version.Install normally.A fact!The power saving mode, more power, more fun!